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A Review of the Movie Just Mercy

While attending the Chicago International Film Festival, I had the opportunity to view the movie Just Mercy prior to its release, which is set for […]

Aerie and the Fight Against Digital Manipulation

This is an article I wrote for the GU Papyrus outlining the policy Aerie (owned by American Eagle) has against digitally manipulating their models. It […]

Needing Inspiration? Follow These Amazing Creatives on Instagram!

Everyone needs to be inspired sometimes, that’s why I chose to write this article for the GU Papyrus. I outlined a group of creatives in […]

Meet Your New BFF On Bumble

This is an article that began as a blog topic in our DM Seminar class, but that I was also able to submit to the […]

Easy (and Affordable) Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

I wrote this article and illustrated this media to provide last-minute Halloween costume ideas to both student and non-student readers. It had various simple costumes […]

Things To Do in St. Louis if You Only Have $10

This is an article I wrote and compiled media to publish to the Greenville University Papyrus. Since college students often don’t have large amounts of […]

How To Pass All Of Your Classes (Without Working Yourself Too Hard)

This is an article I wrote for The Greenville University Papyrus about the services available to students through the Student Success Office. I felt too […]

Is Technology Evil?

            As this Reuters post explains, in 2012, Pope Benedict stated “If God and moral values, the difference between good and evil, remain in darkness, […]

Fail Forward to Success

            Why are we so concerned with perfection and so afraid of failure? Is it because we are constantly viewing everyone’s highlight reels on social […]

Getting It All Done

            As I write this post, I am dragging my mind out of a 20-minute block of time where I allowed myself to be distracted […]

Christian Movies and Why They Often Miss the Mark

            Subtlety is an art form that seems to be lost to those who make their living within the genre of Christian media, with specific […]

What’s My Dream Job?

“What is your dream job?” As a college student, I am asked this question pretty regularly. I always give my not-so-perfect answer of “I don’t […]