Fred Weber Brochure

The Fred Weber Inc. Brochure was my first professional graphic design project. As a second semester freshman, a family friend and mentor of mine offered to subcontract me to design Fred Weber’s brochure, with his supervision and guidance. We spoke continually over the course of 5-6 months through email, text, and calls about various design ideas and concepts. The finished product was a 34 page brochure for Fred Weber Inc. that highlights who they are, what they do, and what they offer.

WCA 4 Year Plan Template

A family friend came to me last year with a project. She wanted to compile, consolidate, and simplify a wide range of data into a single folder that would show a student’s current academic standing as well as the projected outcome of their time at WCA. This would then be given to students and parents to keep track of grades and test scores over the course of high school.

LIVE 8-Page Magazine

While this wasn’t actually a freelance project, I made this magazine for a project in Type and Image Design. The project prompt was to make an 8 page magazine about whatever we wanted. Being a music lover and performer, I went to a couple shows, talked to a couple bands, took some photos, and created this short magazine.