2016-2019 Reel and Projects

I never really found an interest in video production or editing until I began college. My friends were very interested in video, and that was enough to get me into it as well. While my only past position that practiced video production was Media Specialist for KSS, I still had plenty of other projects to keep me busy and to keep diving deeper into video production and editing.

Me friends (also, my bandmates) and I had wanted to make a music video for some time before we were actually able to do so. At this point, both of my bandmates transferred, but that did open up the opportunity to use higher quality equipment. This video is for one of our songs, Alone. Almost every shot that I wasn’t in I filmed, and editing was collaborative between the three of us.

This music video for our song “Gone” was Said the Walrus’ first music video. At this point, only one of my bandmates had transferred, so it was just the two of us on this project. Obviously, I’m seen almost all throughout the video, but I did shoot everything that I wasn’t in. The storyboarding and editing was also a joint effort between the two of us.

In its entirety, this video is an hour and fifteen minutes long. That being said, I have not included the entire video, but I felt that the opening of the video can stand on its own. For context, campers had been told that CLAW, the highlight of the summer programs, had been cancelled due to conflict, injuries, etc. Instead, the CLAW games were announced as a surprise, so the intro to this hour-long video is in reference to that little camp counselor scheme.

Recently a friend of mine asked me to help shoot an event for our college sports team. He flew a drone above us and the team while I shot from the field. The editing and drone footage credits go directly to Kyle Spriggs, while the footage on the field is done by myself, and a go-pro attached to various players.

This video was part of a project for Digital Video II. As a class, we made an exquisite corpse video with the panda mask and the song being the common elements. I don’t have access to my peer’s videos, but this is my portion of the project.