Media Specialist - Keystone Science School

The inevitable question that every parent asks their kids when picking them up from camp: “What happened this week at camp?” Using my skills, my job was to answer this question and tell the story of each week of camp in the form of a 30(ish) minute video. With 6 different programs, I created anywhere from 2-4 videos each week, ranging from 15 minutes all the way to nearly an hour and half. This meant following camps all throughout the day to all their activities, making sure I was able to capture as much of the excitement as I could.

Being a Media Specialist for KSS is absolutely the best job I’ve had so far. Seeing everyone’s faces glow when they saw themselves or their kids on the projector it something I’ll never forget. Plus, the fun was never-ending and the camp-spirit was extremely high at all times.

There were challenges, though. With so much content to gather and create each week, I was on a very tight schedule. My first week I was struggling with how I wanted to stay organized, and that affected the quality of my work. Soon after, I found my groove and organization system and the quality only went up with each week.

KSS Summer 2018 Highlight Reel